Smile for the camera

Ahead of the launch of Fun Depot’s new range of Fun Boxes, it called for that all important Photo Shoot! Treating the Fun Boxes like the stars that they are, the lights were turned on, the set posed and the stars of the show ready to shine!

A picture can say a thousand words – and in this day and age, perhaps a lot more. A fantastic, high res photo can say so much more and show you a lot more than words often can.

That’s why it was important for The Fun Experts to show our range of Fun Boxes in all their glory.

Ahead of the launch, the team spent they day at Fun Towers setting the scene and positioning the range of Fun Boxes and all the joy contained within to give you the best possible look at what you can expect when ordering a Fun Box for employees, colleagues, suppliers, customers, friends or family.

The Fun Boxes have officially launched and the range is ever growing. Featuring boxes themed around ‘Working From Home’ to ‘Wellbeing’ and Experience Boxes where you can ‘Learn A New Skill’ through to celebrating ‘Christmsa’, their is a box with a purpose for your needs.

Order yours today!