Care for your Wellbeing

Now more than ever, our Wellbeing and Mental Health is being tested and every bit of support we can offer one another is key.

Prior to Covid-19, Wellbeing was a hot topic across the country – from in the workplace to schools and at home. But since March, the call for ways in supporting wellness and mental health has increased massively.

The Fun Experts have seen it first hand with demand for the ‘Wellbeing’ Fun Box increase ten-fold – through people finding our solution and visiting our website, or speaking to The Fun Experts direct, we’ve been sending the ‘Wellbeing’ Fun Box direct to doorsteps across the nation.

Since 2003, we have supported businesses across the UK with Employee Engagement through Sunshine Events and introducing Fun At Work. It’s a key element of our own Core Values and one we share with each and everyone of our customers, whether discussing an event or looking in to introducing ……

Since March, it’s been truly inspirational to see the actions and read the stories of kindness and it’s part of the reason as to why The Fun Experts introduced our new range of Fun Boxes – to bring a fresh way of supporting people and injecting some much needed fun and happiness in to a difficult time.

As Wellbeing continues to be such an important topic, you can be assured that we’ll be here to help support you and your needs in the future.

To find out more about the Fun Box range and how The Fun Experts can help you, contact us direct on 0800 086 2380.