Santa best make some room in his sack!

It’s (almost) here!

At the time of writing this, The Festive Experts Christmas Countdown is at 36 days, 9 hours, 41 minutes and 50 seconds!

So there is still time for you to check out the ever growing Christmas range across Fun Depot and make your festive celebrations ever more, well, festive!

The selection of Fun Boxes – designed to inject a boost of fun and happiness – have been infused with a festive touch and we’re so excited to reveal to you our range of Christmas Fun Gift Boxes.

Christmas Fun Gift Boxes

Earlier this year, The Fun Experts at Fun Depot launched the Fun Boxes – a themed collection of gift boxes with a real purpose! Injecting fun and happiness with themes based around Wellbeing, Working From Home and Festival to name but a few, the Fun Boxes have become a popular solution in supporting businesses and people across the nation!

Now you can choose from a selection of Christmas Gifts that can be delivered direct to your superstars, your work from home heroes, family, friends and more.

The new range of fun gift boxes include the Christmas Hug In A Box, the Virtual Christmas Event Party Fun Box, a Cheeky Elf on the Shelf Christmas Fun Box and many more.


More festive fun

And that’s not all! Christmas is our favourite time of year and through Fun Depot, we’re sharing a lot more fun this year.

Along with the line of Christmas Fun Boxes, there are a selection of other fantastic Christmas treats available to order online. You can up your Christmas hat game with the novelty Christmas Hat Package, whether for round the dinner table at home or in the office or include the whole family with the Christmas Family Fun Box.

As our Christmas range continues to grow, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all the fun to be had and shared.

Invite The Festive Experts to inspire your Christmas

Christmas 2020 is sure to be different to what we’re used to, but that hasn’t stopped the meaning of Christmas and though the way in which we enjoy the season is slightly different, The Fun Experts are here to help you celebrate the best way you can. From right here at Fun Depot or through The Fun Experts at Sunshine Events and the range of Christmas Entertainment that can still be enjoyed in 2020.