About Us

The Fun Experts believe that having fun makes 'seriously' good sense! It's a proven fact - fun will boost productivity enhance engagement and improve recruitment and retention.

But, there isn't a one size fit's all solution to having fun... And that is where The Fun Experts come in. Through our 'family', we have provided a solution that will meet your needs.

Whether you're in need of a one off event, a more permanent fixture of fun or require something more personal to your needs.

Fun Depot, Sunshine Events and Fun At Work all come from over 16 years experience of providing fun solutions to workplaces and to homes.

A team of experts providing FUN with lease, hire and buy solutions:

You're supporting great causes with The Fun Experts!

When you work with The Fun Experts, whether it be through a one off event at Sunshine Events, introducing Fun At Work to your business or visiting our one stop shop for fun, right here at Fun Depot, you are helping support causes across the world.

Through B1G1, The Fun Experts and YOU have impacted B1G1's mission to "create a world full of giving".