Fun Boxes

Fun Boxes help engage, energise and spread smiles. Unique gifts perfect for employees, suppliers, customers, friends and families.  Ideal solution to combat zoom fatigue bringing everyone together to open their boxes or to send a thoughtful fun gift to adults and children who need a boost.

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Fun Boxes
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'Welcome Back To Work' Fun Box
£29.99 Ex. VAT
The 'Welcome Back to Work' Fun Box is a great boost for your employees as you open your doors again and welcome them back. It has been specifically created to support wellbeing and re-engage teams with the added element of fun.
'Christmas' Fun Box (Adults)
£29.99 Ex. VAT
The 'Christmas' Fun Box (Adult) is the ultimate Festive Gift Box! Bringing with it all the cheer and merriment you expect for the Christmas season, the Christmas Fun Box is the ideal gift box for your employees this Christmas.
'Eco' Fun Box
£35.99 Ex. VAT
The 'Eco' Fun Box - not only our most sustainable, environmentally friendly box - is the perfect addition to the selection of Fun Boxes, providing a healthy support and nurturing of wellbeing for you and caring for the environment too.
'Student' Fun Box
£29.99 Ex. VAT
The 'Student' Fun Box is a care package specifically designed for Universities and Colleges to gift to students to enhance culture, encourage engagement and support wellbeing.
'Wellbeing' Fun Box
£29.99 Ex. VAT
The 'Wellbeing' Fun Box is an ideal way to show your people you care. Your colleagues and employees, your customers - this Fun Box is sure to give them a boost as they open up this gift box, designed and created to support wellbeing.
'Working From Home' Fun Box
£29.99 Ex. VAT
The 'Working From Home' Fun Box for those of us who are calling the kitchen table our office. A letterbox gift designed specifically to encourage communication, support wellbeing and keep engagement strong.
The Fun Box
£24.99 Ex. VAT
The Fun Box encapsulates every element of fun from our range of Fun Boxes! It is THE Fun Box! Who knew this much fun could be contained in a gift box. Delivered direct to your door, this letterbox gift knows how to have fun!
'Party' Fun Box
£24.99 Ex. VAT
The 'Party' Fun Box is guaranteed to make you smile...specifically designed to create a party vibe from the moment you open the box! A letterbox gift filled with it's own festival theme, this is a gift box that knows how to celebrate!
'Your' Bespoke Fun Box
£15.00 Ex. VAT
'Your' Fun Box is unique as it is a gift box that can be tailored to a more specific purpose for you. With more bespoke branding options, create the ideal Fun Box for your purpose with support and advice from The Fun Experts.
'Christmas' Fun Box (Childrens)
£22.99 Ex. VAT
The 'Christmas' Fun Box (Children's) is the gift box that is sure to put a smile on the kids faces! Whether having Santa hand them out himself or as a letterbox gift direct from the North Pole, it's the Christmas gift that brings the festive cheer.