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Hand Buzz Wire

Hand Buzz Wire

Hand Buzz Wire

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Giant Hand Buzz Wire or Buzz Off Game is a perfect challenge for any age or ability. Ideal for family fun days, office energisers, events, team building days and promotion and exhibition events.

This design can be made with either a giant hand, a wavy wire shape or a custom made design of your choice (base and wire) which is great for promotions and crowd pullers at exhibitions. Please call to discuss the options available and the cost to create a bespoke buzz wire. 

The giant steel hand measures 770mm (30 high) and the aim of the game is to pass the looped wand very carefully around the hand from one side to the other without touching it. At the start of each game, the player has three lives, shown as red led lights on the top of the base unit. Whilst travelling around the hand, the player will hear a 60-second heartbeat timer which will get progressively faster, making play that little bit trickier. Each time the looped wand touches the hand, the player will hear a warning sound and one of the red lights will go out. Should the player touch the hand three times, a very distinctive failure sound will be heard, signaling the end of the game. However, should the player manage to travel around the hand without using all three lives, they will be greeted with a fanfare of trumpets.

The game operates from a 12-volt DC supply, and comes complete with a mains adapter.

Supplied in a range of vibrant metallic and gloss colours.

We can also supply re-chargeable battery packs with the game, for occasions when electricity is not available.

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