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Puzzle Fun Box - A Gift Box Idea to test the brain

Puzzle Fun Box - A Gift Box Idea to test the brain

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The Puzzle Fun Box filled with challenges that will not only engage your brain, but delight in the power it has in supporting your mental health and wellbeing. Giving yourself just 15 minutes of a distraction with a puzzle does a world of good!

PLEASE NOTE - Due to the unique nature of the Fun Boxes, there is a minimum order of TEN (10) BOXES required.

We're often asked "Can we deliver to multiple address?" (which we can, you can provide the details once your order is confirmed!) and other questions such as "can we include bespoke options?" (yes we can!). You can find answers to more FAQs here, but do feel free to contact us via Chat or Telephone.

Did you know: doing puzzles is considered as a complete brain exercise as it exercises both the left and right side of your brain. The right is in charge of your creativity and emotions, while the left looks after the more methodical side...but why is this important?

Because both contribute to your mental health and wellbeing!

The 'Puzzle' Fun Box has been brought together to not only help challenge and provide a lot of fun while doing so, but give your mind that chance to break away from the normal day to day, a distraction that allows you brain to work in a way it may not have for a while.

Mental Health and wellbeing starts with the mind and with the Puzzle themed gift box, you can send a surprise gift delivered direct through the letterbox that is sure to bring fun to someone's day and be the engaging distraction they need.

What's in the box...

Products Purpose
Games Can Enjoy the challenge
Wooden Puzzle Solve it
Three Matchbox Puzzles Test your noggin
Wooden Dominoes Join the dots
Quiz Game Tiny trivia
Bag of Laughs Release your happy
Chocolate Big enough to share

Please Note:

The images provided are an example of contents, please be aware they may vary (subject to availability), however remain in line with the purpose of this themed box. Depending on required quantities we are happy to provide bespoke contents on request.

A number of the items included in this Fun Box are available to be Branded, bespoke to your needs - for more information, please speak to us direct.

Price includes delivery, postage and packaging and is including VAT.

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