Raffle Tombola Drums

Boost morale, engage your teams and you can support a good cause at the same time with one of our UK made raffle drums.
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Raffle Tombola Drums
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Raffle Tombola Drum In Multi Coloured - Medium
£125.99 Ex. VAT
This Harlequin Raffle Drum will add wow to your raffle. Height: 331mm Length: 418mm Drum Volume: 22¼ litres (14¼ pints)
Raffle Tombola Drum In Gold - Medium
£164.99 Ex. VAT
Professional raffle drum that is 313 mm diameter and olds over 22 lites (15000 cloakroom tickets, 4000 busines cards or 300 ping pong balls) in striking gold colour with over 22 litres capacity