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Tin Can Alley Game

Tin Can Alley Game

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Add the fun of the fair with the classic Tin Can Alley Game. This carnival classic is perfect fun for all ages, simple but addictive. The perfect challenge to compete with colleagues, friends and family.

All the fun of the fair can be delivered direct to you with the Tin Can Alley game. It's time to take aim with the classic fairground attraction.

Simple yet addictive and hugely enjoyable, the Tin Can Alley Game is fun for all ages and can be enjoyed in a variety of situations - from some office fun and a team building challenge to time with family and friends at home.

The game is simple, as you stack the cans and players take aim trying to knock down and clear all the tin cans. The Tin Can Alley comes with:

  • 10 brightly coloured and numbered cans
  • 3 coloured throwing bags

Is it skill or luck, take on the challenge of this fun carnival game. You can make it as easy or as difficult as you like by spacing the cans further apart when you stack them.

So let's add some fun to your day with the fabulous Tin Can Alley fun fair game.

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